Schedule 1997 Ball Of Fire

The Skatalites European tour of 1997 was my last tour with the band. I wasn’t with them all the time. And I don’t have much informations. But follow all the dates with links.

Thu, October 16: France, Bordeaux, Lune dans le caniveau
Fri, October 17: France, Apremont, Le Grand Duc
Sat, October 18: France, Rennes, day-off
Sun, October 19: France, Brest, Les Hesperides
Mon, October 20: France, Rennes, L’Ubu
Tue, October 21: France, Tourcoing, Le Grand Mix
Wed, October 22: France, day-off
Thu, October 23: France, Nancy, Jazz Pulsations
Fri, October 24: France, Strasbourg, La Laiterie

From Saturday 25th of October to Sunday 9th of November I was off the tour. The band was assisted by a friend of mine, but he didn’t know that he replaced me. The band had shows in (as far as the tour rider is correct):

Marseille (Theatre du Moulin), Sete (La Passerelle), Barcelona (Garatge), Madrid (El Sol), Bilbao (Circuito), Toulouse (Le Bikini), Grenoble, Torino (Hiroshima), Milano (Container), Piacenza (Fillmore), Geneve (Ancien Palais Exposition)

Sunday, November 9: Switzerland, Berne, Bierhübeli
I met the band again in Berne at Bierhübeli, where I was playing with my flute to “Confucious”.

The tour continued to:

Stuttgart (LKH), Erlangen (E-Werk), Leipzig (Connie Island), Hamburg (Fabrik), Dortmund (Live Station), Den Haag (Paard), Cean (La Fonderie), Island of La Reunion (20th to 23rd of November) and finally Paris at New Morning for two shows.

Tue, November 26: France, Paris, New Morning


personal memories all around The Skatalites in Europe from 1992

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