Blog-Preparation for the “Skasplash Tour 1996 diary” … 20 years after …

The tour (or this blog) will start on the 16th of october 2016 (until then I will prepare all the pages to release them exactly 20 years after the real tour.

There will be links and informations about this legendary tour with the following line-up and claim:

The ultimate Ska train 5 hours of total madness

  • The Skatalites
  • Laurel Aitken
  • House Of Rhythm
  • Local Band
  • DJ: C-lector C (your truly)

In this Blog you will find day-by-day my point of view. I’ve collected it all over the years from

  • my diary I wrote on tour,
  • my pictures I took on tour,
  • pictures from other sources,
  • my website,
  • the double-CD “Skatalites & Friends” released on “Moon Ska Europe”  in 1999 (there are more releases around, for example Mood For Ska in 2004, another CD was release after the tour with studio works, that have been made at the end of the tour: Laurel Aitken & The Skatalites – Ska Titans in 1999),
  • my book I wrote in German and finished in 2006 (10 years after the tour) and
  • all the memories from then until today.

Hope you’ll like it. Looking forward to your comments, memories, experiences and thoughts. This blog is personally made through my website with the help of WordPress-technology.

C-lector C
also known as
Ras Claude