Megumi Special Remix

Just finished this tune. Hope you like it. Tell me, if so… otherwise just let me think, nobody had listened to it 😉

This tune is inspired by the great Megumi “Miss Megoo”. I took the intro from Prince Buster “All My Loving” and looped it. At my rehearsal room @ Sedel I recorded the flute or better the flutes…

Tune called: Megumi Special Claude Remix 2 featuring Prince Buster All Stars.

There are 5 tracks with flutes. I cut off different parts of those flute tracks. With Amadeus Pro I put one flute to the far right, the other far left and the third to the middle. Finally I took Garage Band to give the flutes different echos and sounds. Got it?

November 10 to 25 1997, Ball Of Fire tour

The Ball Of Fire tour continued

After Berne, I had no contact with The Skatalites and the Ball Of Fire 1997 tour until tuesday 26th of November, when the tour was in Paris, where I meet them for the last show of the tour.

Stuttgart (LKH), Erlangen (E-Werk), Leipzig (Connie Island), Hamburg (Fabrik), Dortmund (Live Station), Den Haag (Paard), Cean (La Fonderie)

And then The Skatalites went for the very first time into Africa. La Reunion is a french island close to MadagaSKAr. That was a great moment specially for Rolando Alphonso, as he told me later.

Island of La Reunion (20th to 23rd of November)

A few days in paradise and then back to the final shows in Paris at New Morning.

October 25, 1997, France-Spain-Italy

Ball Of Fire 1997 Euro tour without me

From the tour rider (I’m not sure, if this was the final plan):

Marseille – Sete – Barcelona – Madrid – Bilbao – Toulouse – Grenoble – Torino – Milano – Piacenza

And then from Piacenza to Geneva and finally Berne, where I met the band again and joined The Skatalites with my flute. To see some pictures and listen to this show, come back not before 9th of November 2017, exactly 20 years after the real event.

October 23, 1997, France, Nancy, Jazz Pulsations

Second last day for me on the Ball Of Fire 1997 tour

I have a single room (I don’t remember why). We’re in the Hotel Ibis in Nancy. Because Shay was with the both Lloyds in Paris, I have seen the rooming list and I wasn’t on the list, but a name of an old friend of mine. It was a bit strange for me to see this, without knowing about it. I mean, I knew, I have to leave the tour in Strasbourg the next day, but I didn’t know why. Now, I realized, that I was out and another was inside. But I wasn’t angry, it’s the way it is. Life goes on…

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personal memories all around The Skatalites in Europe from 1992

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