Promotion video for the first Skasplash tour in 1996

Happy birthday Lloyd Brevett

Born, 1st of august in 1931. Today is the swiss national day. As a little present, here is for the first time in 20 years:

The Skasplash promotional videos

The Skatalites – Nelson’s Song

This was recorded in Mailand while The Skatalites were on Europe tour in 1995. I left the tour just the day before this recording. Played my own show in Lucerne and organized a show with House Of Rhythm!

A few months later, the Skatalites management gave me a video cassette, to copy and fade in the titles. At that time, it wasn’t easy to do such things. I found a very nice video store, where I was able to do so. This is the result of a copy of the copied video cassette. I guess, it is the very first publishing of it. There was also an interview from the italian TV and more tunes. On the other video cassette there was the same italian TV show, with Laurel Aitken.

The Skatalites – Interview

Italian TV show “Segnali di fumo” – Interview with Lester Sterling. This example shows beautifully how less information can be told in more than a minute 🙂 What was the question? Excuse the bad sound quality.

Laurel Aitken – Interview

Italian TV show “Segnali di fumo” – Interview with Laurel Aitken. The extra cool answers from the master of performance. Smart Laurel.

Laurel Aitken – Mad About You

Italian TV show “Segnali di fumo” – Laurel Aitken & The Pressure Tennants “Mad About You”. Take notice of Tony Looby on the soprano saxophone. Only Tony will be with Laurel on the Skasplash tour in october and november that same year 1996.

Hope you enjoy these little examples of video material from that year.

With these promotion material the upcoming first Skasplash tour 1996 was promoted. With little patience, you’ll get a lot of never seen before material. Thanks for feedback.