Members on tour 1995

The Skatalites

  • Doreen Schaffer (vocals)
  • Lloyd George Brevett (bass), 17th Street, New Ark, N.J., 07103 USA, born August 1st 1931
  • Rolando Alphonso (tenor saxophone), 1298 East 53rd Street, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11234 USA, born January 12th 1931
  • Lester Sterling (alto saxophone)
  • Lloyd Knibb (drums)
  • Nathan Breedlove (trumpet)
  • Will Clark (trombone)
  • Bill Smith (keyboards)
  • Devon James (guitar)

The Crew

  • Vin Gadher (band manager)
  • Shay (tour manager)
  • Ras Claude (me, merchandiser)
  • Ham Hammershoe (driver)
  • Philipp (tour manager in France)
  • Xavi (tour manager in Spain)

personal memories all around The Skatalites in Europe from 1992

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