Schedule 1996 Skasplash

This is schedule for the first Skasplash tour 1996. Day by day you’ll find more details. starting on 16th of october 2016.

Travel to Tours
1st day, Tours, France, Wednesday, 16th of october 1996, La Pleiade
2nd day, Limoges, France, Thursday, 17th of october 1996, Salle John Lennon
3rd day, Barcelona, Spain, Friday, 18th of october 1996, Garatge
4th day, Bordeaux, France, Saturday, 19th of october 1996, La Lune Dans Le Caniveau
5th day, Montpellier, France, Sunday, 20th of october 1996, Rockstore
6th day, Montpellier, France, Monday, 21st of october 1996, day off
7th day, Toulouse, France, Tuesday, 22nd of october 1996, Le Bikini
8th day, France, travel day
9th day, Apremont, France, Thursday, 24th of october 1996, Le Grand Duc
10th day, Paris, France, Friday, 25th of october 1996, Le Divan Du Monde
11th day, St. Brieuc, France, Saturday, 26th of october 1996, Festival Art Rock
12th day, Thiers, France, Sunday, 27th of october 1996, Festival des R
13th day, Thiers, France, day off
14th day, Geneva, Switzerland, Tuesday, 29th of october 1996, Palladium
15th day, Münchenbuchsee, Switzerland, Wednesday, 30th of october 1996, Freizeitanlage
16th day, Marghera, Italy, Thursday, 31st of october 1996, Oasi
17th day, Aosta, Italy, Friday, 1st of november 1996, Libre Tutti
18th day, Quiliano, Italy, Saturday, 2nd of november 1996, Palasport
19th day, Torino, Italy, Sunday, 3rd of november 1996, Barrumba
20th day, Munich, Germany, Monday, 4th of november 1996, Muffathalle
21st day, Dortmund, Germany, Tuesday, 5th of november 1996, FZW
22nd day, Chemnitz, Germany, Wednesday, 6th of november 1996, Kraftwerk
23rd day, Berlin, Germany, Thursday, 7th of november 1996, SO 36
24th day, Hamburg, Germany, Friday, 8th of november 1996, Fabrik
25th day, Lund, Sweden, Saturday, 9th of november 1996, Mejeriet
26th day, travel day
27th day, Helsinki, Finland, Monday, 11th of november 1996, Tavastia
28th day, Helsinki, Finland, day off
29th day, travel day
30th day, Leeuwaarden, Netherlands, Thursday, 14th of november 1996, Harmonie
31st day, Eindhoven, Netherlands, Friday, 15th of november 1996, Effenaar
32nd day, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Saturday, 16th of november 1996, Melkweg Max
33rd day, Antwerpen, Belgium, Sunday, 17th of november 1996, Hof Ter Lo

personal memories all around The Skatalites in Europe from 1992

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