Schedule 1995 World Tour

The Skatalites world tour of 1995 came twice to Europe. In spring and in autumn. I don’t have all the dates of the whole world tour, but I was twice as the merchandiser involved in many of these shows. The t-shirt indicates the following places:

T-Shirt of The Skatalites world tour 1995
T-Shirt back of The Skatalites world tour spring ’95
  • Sunday, April 30th: Bourges (F), Printemps de Bourges festival (only for professionals after Clifton Chenier)
  • Monday, May 1st: Bourges (F), Printemps de Bourges festival (free outdoor)
  • Tuesday, May 2nd: Rennes (F), L’Espace, Rockambolesque (warm-up: La Famille Boost)
  • Wednesday, May 3rd: Bordeaux (F), Krakatoa (plus: Sai Sai & Doudoud Cissoko)
  • Thursday, May 4th: Barcelona (E), Zeleste (warm-up: Malarians)
  • Friday, May 5th: Madrid (E), Revolver Club (warm-up: Dr. Calypso)
  • Saturday, May 6th: Vizcaya (E), Sala Circuito (Mungia)
  • Sunday, May 7th: Toulouse (F), Le Bikini

After Toulouse I left the tour to went back to Switzerland. May 12th I did a show in Lucerne with House Of Rhythm (from London) where I was the promoter, member of the warm-up band called Peacestreet and organizer of the whole thing (find more about that event here, with a cool picture of mine on the trombone).  I only went back to The Skatalites World Tour to be visitor in Berne, Switzerland

  • Thursday, May 18th: Berne (CH), Wasserwerk

A few days later some of my friends invited me to go to Strasbourg to celebrate another show of The Skatalites.

  • Sunday, May 21st: Strasbourg (F), La Laiterie

The tour went over seas. As far as I remember there was Japan and USA on the Schedule. When the tour came back to Europe I was there in Toulouse.

  • Wednesday, October 4th: Toulouse (F), Le Bikini
  • Thursday, October 5th: Limoges (F), Salle John Lennon
  • Friday, October 6th: Ris Orangis (Paris) (F), Le Plan
  • Saturday, October 7th: Lille (F), Aeronef
  • Sunday, October 8th: Dijon (F), L’Anfer

I left the tour in Dijon. The band went down to Africa for the first in history. For many of the band it was also their first visit to Africa. Everyone was very exited. After they returned, I was not anymore on tour with them. So for the following shows, I don’t have any further informations.

  • October 10th to 15th: Island of La Réunion, Festival Kaba
  • October 17th: Lyon, Le Glob
  • October 18th: Marseille, Théatre du Moulin
  • October 19th: Montpellier, Rockstore
  • October 20th: Aprémont
  • October 21st: Blois, Château d’Eau

personal memories all around The Skatalites in Europe from 1992

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