Day 6, Thursday, august 20, 1992, day off for The Skatalites

A day of long distance

My bicycle ride today was about 140 km from Céré-la-Ronde along river Cher then along river Indre and along river Loire to Saumur and to  Saint-Georges-des-Gardes

The Skatalites had a day off

My bicycle ride today was from Céré-la-Ronde to Saint-Georges-des-Gardes:

Little detail: four years later, the Skasplash tour 1996 will start in Tours.

The Skatalites had a day off to drive 500 km. The hotel for that night isn’t known.

In the morning it was still raining. So, I took another sleep. But then after a while, I had to get up. Again, the wheel was grounded, flat. Another hole in the damned wheel. I was angry about me and of course the wheel as well. That’s why I left Céré late that morning. And fatally after a short while, the hole came back and the air was gone again. Damned (was it a Catherine wheel?). Keep cool, I patched it again (can you imagine, that was the last hole of the hole tour). I left river Cher and saw river Indre (wikipedia). I took another bath in that beautiful river. It was funny, because I’m not that kind of nudist, but to swim all nude all alone and far away from anywhere, it was a great experience. The third river that day was the most famous, river Loire (wikipedia) that is heading straight to Saint-Nazaire. I arrived Saumur at 6 PM just at the right time to make the shopping (remember: the shops closed at 6.30 PM in 1992!). After leaving Saumur, the wind against me was too strong and the street too bad and the traffic too dangerous. I left the straight way to take a devious route. In St. Georges I was finished. Too far to drive to Saint-Nazaire, but close enough to have a real chance for an arrival the next day. Maybe before The Skatalites? I felt asleep. Again in the meadow behind a pile of hay bales. I ate a perfect Camembert cheese, the best ever.

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