Day 5, Wednesday, august 19, 1992, Markthalle, Hamburg

Bourges versus Hamburg

Bicycle ride for about 160 km from Imphy to Bourges along river Cher to Villefranche to Céré-la-Ronde

The Skatalites playing at Markthalle in Hamburg.

My bicycle ride that day was from Imphy to Céré-la-Ronde:

Tonight the Skatalites are playing at Markthalle in Hamburg.

The venue still exists (

The Skatalites Euro Tour 1992, Berlin Metropol, Hamburg Markthalle

That night, The Skatalites stayed at Hotel Schmidt in Hamburg:

That was the day, I first came to Bourges. I woke up early, I thought, it is still very very far to Saint-Nazaire. It was the first time, I thought, I won’t be there at the right time. Only two days left. That’s why I drove faster and further than the other days.

It was so great to dive into a city, after all these days in the wilderness. The view to Bourges was spectacular. I was there at noon. But there was no time for sightseeing. Along river Cher I felt the distance again. It wasn’t that hot anymore. And when it started to rain, I took off my cloths (except my bicycle pants, off course) and enjoyed to get washed. In Villefranche I was looking to my back wheel and lost control over my bicycle. I landed in the ditch. My leg get a bruise and the wheel lost its air to get flat. I repaired the wheel right there, but when I blew the air into it again, I heard that terrible sound of a hole. One more time, I had to patch the tire. I only get the next hill before Céré where a third hole brought me to take a rest for the night. Lucky me, there was a very tiny little house, open and empty. It wasn’t very inviting, but I had a roof over my head for the night. That roof wasn’t really good, there was a brick looking down at me. Scary and very dusty but dry. That night, it was raining very heavy.

2 thoughts on “Day 5, Wednesday, august 19, 1992, Markthalle, Hamburg”

  1. Quite an adventure you endured touring by bicycle with little food to eat. Sunflowers for sustenance? Great job running down all the lodgings the Skatalites were put up at.

    1. Thank you Brian. Have not much about those days, but tried my best to collect as much as possible. It was a time so different from today. No mobile, no route planner, no other navigation but simple maps. And no credit card, no Euro and no fear.

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