Day 3, Monday, August 17, 1992, day off for The Skatalites

Happy 11th birthday Noah my son
25 years ago: I was hungry

Bicycle ride for about 100 km from Mirebel over Châlon sur Saône to Buxy

The Skatalites had a day off

My bicycle ride took me today from Mirebel over Châlon sur Saône to Buxy:

The Skatalites had a day off at the City Hotel in Braunschweig (after a 6 hours drive from Cologne).

The address of the hotel brings not much back. But, that is the place today:

I woke up at 6 AM. No way. I slept another 2 hours. So the day started at 8 AM. Because of the heavy sun the day before, I took my long armed shirt, to cover my arms a bit. I changed my route, just to change it again short before Châlon sur Saône. In Buxy I found a Maxi-Marché (supermarket). But in there, I had no chance to change my Swiss money into French Francs. Only at the bank it will be possible, they said. But the bank was closed already. There was no way. I tried at the hotel, but the same answer arrived me brutally. No money – no food. It’s that easy. But no food – no power to ride the bike. I drove out of Buxy to find a nice forest. At the border I found some nice berries (black berries). And a little bit later I’ve seen a field of sun flowers. They were ready to eat as well. After the sun flower field I went on a cow field to eat the berries with the sun flowers and a little piece of cheese, that was left in my food bag.

Exactly 14 years later, my first son was born: Noah Claudius. Happy birthday already 11, all the very best wishes always.

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