November 9, 1997, Switzerland, Berne, Bierhuebeli

The Skatalites with special guests TJ Tobias & Claude

What a great day to think about… today, it’s 20 years ago, but I’ll never forget this day for sure.

First of all, I asked The Skatalites, if I could play one tune with them. Nathan Breedlove told me to play the encore Confucious. I was very nervous. That’s why I asked another friend of mine to play also. This very young chap was amazing. He came to Lucerne with his guitar and asked if he could sleep in our house. Later that same day he went out to go on stage with Bernard King. I guess he was about 16 years young and was already on stage with the greatest. I found him also perfect to come as very special guest with me to join The Skatalites.

The day started in Lucerne. I went together with my then girl-friend to Berne. She was planned to take some pictures of the band, but also of me with the band.

Find in here some pictures taken in the backstage of Bierhuebeli, Berne before the show.

This next part will bring some very nice pictures of the soundcheck.

And then my nervousity was on a highest level when The Skatalites started to play.

I don’t remember much of the show. I was paralized in the backstage. Listen here three tracks from that show El Pussy Cat Ska, Latin Goes Ska and Phoenix City.

At the end of the show, the band came backstage, where I was  beyond of being nervous. Tobias was great, he told me not to be nervous because everything will gonna be alright.

Then the great moment was there. I went on stage with Tobias and The Skatalites. What a moment. When the band started to play I was shocked. What a tempo. It was hard to follow the melody. But luckily nothing can be heard of my flute. I remember that power on stage. Especially Nathan beside of me is the real power in person I can feel in this moment (please watch the third picture of the following gallery). I feel save. The Skatalites were standing there like superheros. I’m very proud and touched to stand on stage with all this wonderful and phantastic musicians. I mean, I’m not even a third class musician, but I’m crazy enough to go into this adventure. It’s hard to describe, but that presence on stage was very special.  Rolando Alphonso took the first solo, what a wonderful one. Followed by the fantastic trombone work of Will Clark. And then already, my part. Oops. Take a listen to it (and take a good look at the fourth picture of the following gallery). I have heard it many times since, but I’m still nervous, when I listen to it… and I overstand the smile on Brevetts face as well as the kind of smile in Lester Sterlings face… but I got some applause. Wow. :-). After my solo, there is this amazing guitar solo by Tobias. No wonder, he’s still great in music.

Find more about Tobias (also known as Signorino TJ and leading Bonaparte), still a young musical master.

Million thanks to NoF-NoF for the recording and thanks to Franziska for the pictures. Without them the memory wouldn’t be here and now. Please be kind with all that stuff, it’s only for memory purpose.

Confucious featuring Claude & Tobias

After the applause I can’t remember no nothing. But who cares… it was more than enough for a lifetime memory, the rest is like it is.

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    1. Oh, thank you Nathan. I still can’t believe, that this was really happening. But the energy on stage was amazing. The feeling was like – I imagine – sitting in a racing car and Lewis Hamilton is sitting next to you in his car and then the race starts and you have to speed up as much as you can… (lol) … all the best wishes… always…

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