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September 28, 1996 – Café Mokka, Thun

Today, 20 years ago there is this very nice invitation to a fantastic club in the beautiful city of Thun. It is the last preparing event before the Skasplash tour starts. I know the club already, because 6 years ago (in 1990) I was there with my bicycle to meet Laurel Aitken and asked him to show up in Lucerne for The Roots Connection.

In the cellar of this very nice place, there is a disco. While upstairs the german Ska band “No Sports” is playing, I’m almost alone downstairs. But after the show, the place is more than full. Later that evening, the band is coming downstairs to skank. Then I take the chance and playing live with my flute over a dub tune from King Size Dub Vol. 1  and that was a great idea. The band members of “No Sports” are coming to my DJ-desk and show me their thumbs up. It is one of my best DJ-shows ever.

Unfortunately I do have no photographs of this event, only this flyer is left. I call myself for this event “Selector Ras Clad Plays Reggae & Ska Around Jah World”.

1996_09_28_thun 1996-0928

The cool thing about this event is, that I’m invited to stay in a Hotel nearby the club. I truly feel very comfortable. The audience is greater than great, many people asking me, where I have all those records from… Yes, Thun, I truly miss you. Today it’s 20 years I wasn’t there, what a pity. And Café Mokka is still strong. Find out more about MC Anliker and his Café Mokka here.

Website today: Café Mokka

There is a little story about my after-show in 1990. After the Laurel Aitken show, I went back home with my bicycle. Take a look at my route and feel free to do so also. Another little detail is, that I started my tour in Thun at 1 AM. And after arriving in Lucerne I went working the next day in the records shop.
This is the route I take by bicycle. I can’t remember, what time I arrived in Lucerne, but I remember, it was a Saturday and I was in the record store at 10 AM until 4 PM and some of the customers where also at the Laurel Aitken show down in Thun at Café Mokka.