Friday, august 14, 1992 Antilliaanse Feesten, Minderhout (Hoogstraten)

The Skatalites for the first show in Belgium

This is another event, that has survived the last 25 years.

Website today:

The residence for that night was the Motel Dennenhof, the same, that was host after the arrival in Brussels (see august 12).

I haven’t found any more details for that event. Personally I was preparing my trip to Saint-Nazaire and my first NoF-NoF Session. I have no souvenir from that day before everything started, so please come back tomorrow to read about my first bicycle ride to Neuchâtel and all the next days on the bicycle until Saint-Nazaire to meet The Skatalites for the very first time.

Thursday, august 13, 1992 Melkweg, Amsterdam

The Skatalites for the first Europe show in Amsterdam

The very first show on the European continent by The Skatalites is held in the cult club De Melkweg (

There is not much information to find about this event. All I have is the poster for that show. Vin gave it to me in Saint-Nazaire as a special present. In his words, this is the best poster from that Euro Tour 1992. I haven’t seen all the other posters, but I like it very much and it was great to ask all the members from the tour to sign it for me, but this is a later part of this story.

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Wednesday, august 12, 1992 arrival Bruxelles | Skatalites, Euro Tour 1992

Skatalites European 92 Tour Itinerary

a worldBEAT production

Today is the 25th anniversary of that first ever Skatalites Euro Tour from 1992. This blog will publish day by day,  what happened 25 years ago.

The Skatalites Euro Tour 1992 t-shirt

After the tour, I brought 10 of these shirts back to Switzerland as presents to some friends and family.

Vin of worldBEAT gave me the tour rider after the tour. Maybe not everything in the rider really happened that way. But it’s not that easy to find out more details. Maybe it’s helpful when I post this blog. Maybe someone have some pictures or straight informations. I will post them as comments at the end of each event. Or you can try yourself 🙂

One little info I’ve found here:
8/11/1992 – ALPHONSO & MCCOOK INTVW BELGIUM – 45 minutes – FM
(info from
but now, I’m not sure if Rolando and Tommy arrived in Belgium one day before the rider stated.

The day The Skatalites started to took over the European continent for the very first time, I was still at home. Vin told me to come to Saint-Nazaire on 21 of august, because there will be three days to meet The Skatalites. What a great chance. And I took it. This is my story behind how I met The Skatalites and became close friends until today. Keep on reading the story until 24 of august.

Wednesday, August 12, 1992 arrival Bruxelles

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