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English Find on this website the following subdirectories:   Deutsch Diese Website unterhält folgende Unterverzeichnisse:
my activities at this local radio station during 2000 - 2001   meine Aktivitäten beim Luzerner Lokal Radiosender zwischen 2000 - 2001
Summary of RootsConnection archives   Zusammenfassung der RootsConnection Archive
Booking of various bands / sounds in Reggae & Ska   Vermittlung von verschiedenen Gruppen & DJs aus Reggae & Ska
my activities as DJ, musician, promoter, painter, writer and so on   meine Aktivitäten als DJ, Musiker, Veranstalter, Grafiker, Schreiber und so weiter
some of my covers I designed, painted for CD- and tape-productions   ein paar Covers, die ich für CD- und Kassetten-Produktionen angefertigt habe
official website for DER TRANSFORMER a dub band from Lucerne   offizielle Website von DER TRANSFORMER der einzigartigen Dub Band aus Luzern
discography of the late great trombonist Don Drummond   Discographie des grossen Posaunisten Don Drummond
new event database with over 250 events since 1988 until today. Find all about my shows I promoted or I was DJ or otherwise involved. Plus all shows by DER TRANSFORMER and more...   ein paar Fotos von mir...
a separate page for the healing activities of rTc-Friend René Frey and his brother   Plattform für die Gesundheitspraxis Frey & Gsund in Cham
a picture trip through the Peacestreet-Guestbook between 1991 and 1997   Eine Bildertour durch das Gästebuch der Friedenstrasse 5 in Luzern 1991 - 1997
a special site for the RastafarI Herbal Garden in Jamaica - visit it!   Plattform für den RastafarI Herbal Garden in Jamaica - Besuch empfohlen
platform for Lee Scratch Perry with an article and other exclusive stuff   Mit meinem Artikel über Lee Scratch Perry und anderem exklusivem Material
some good links through Reggae - Ska - Luzern - More   Viele Websites aus den Bereichen Reggae - Ska - Luzern - More
News at - historical order   ein paar Bilder von mir...
Very special page with more than 1000 photos of my friend NoF-NoF from 100's of different artists and groups - a must!!!   Alles, was sich auf so tut - historische Reihenfolge
some paintings from I...   Riesige Plattform mit Fotos über 1000 Fotos von NoF-NoF und über 100 Künstlern - ein Muss!!!
Ska-Reggae-Funk combo from Lucerne between 1992 and 1995   Ska-Reggae-Funk Gruppe aus Luzern 1992-1995
Reformed Swiss Ska-Combo   Zurückgekehrte Schweizer Ska-Combo
some photos of I...   Offizielle Websites innerhalb der RootsConnection Domäne
Official websites at domain   Plattenkritiken von neuen Veröffentlichungen
reviews of new releases (only in German language)   Mit einem exklusiven Interview des grossen Posaunisten Rico Rodriguez
special site for the great trombonist Rico Rodriguez - with an exclusive interview   Ska-Rocksteady-Reggae Familie aus Luzern 1995-1998
Ska-Rocksteady-Reggae family from Lucerne between 1995 and 1998   Meine Gruppe für 3 Konzerte 1997-1998
My band for 3 shows 1997-1998   Riesiges Archiv mit exklusivem Material meiner Touren und mehr...
a huge knowledge base with exclusive material from my tours with the Skatalites   neue Anlass-Datenbank mit über 250 Events seit 1988. Finde alle möglichen Infos und Bilder von all meinen Konzerten, DJ-Auftritten und ähnlichem. Ausserdem sind alle bekannten Konzerte von DER TRANSFORMER darin enthalten und mehr...

even more pages can be found at The Roots Connection:

- first website/design for The Ganglords (look)
- first website/design for Reggae Fever (look)
- special site for Linton Kwesi Johnson 2000 (look)
- special pages for initial NoF-NoF site (look artists - meetings - private - sessions)
- Ferienfotos von Kreta 2001 (look)
- Badminton Winner Brother Ras I Roger (look)
- Rude music - a site prepared for Nicole (look)
- Peek-A-Boo - a site prepared for Swiss Ska-band (look)
- Art - a new site for Daniel Röösli's paintings (look)
- T-Shirt Collection (look)

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thanks to all visitors and these nice roots connections coming out of this site over the years. Let Jah be praised. Registered from all European countries, and so many countries all around the world such as Australia, Japan, China, Singapur, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Israel, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Libya, Venezuela, Equador, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, USA, Jamaica all around the planet. Every time I take a look to the statistics I know I have to keep on doing it. You know, it keep on growing. Best wishes always. Merci, thanks, danke. C

Note: This is the official website for The Roots Connection designed and concepted by C-lector C.

Roots Connection die Verbindung mit den Wurzeln
Roots Connection sometimes in English...but always around the world

The Roots Connection is not a company, but a network of people with love for music. Please contact me, if you like to work with The Roots Connection or if you're planning to work with The Roots Connection. The Roots is connected all over the world. There was a radio show in Ecuador under the Roots Connection label and others all over... e-mail and get connected:

Yours truly

Ras Claude