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Carla Bley, Carol Fredericks, Cheb Mami, Coconuts, Doroty Mazuka, Fela Kuti, Gil Scott-Heron, Human Spirit, Joe Bowie, Joe Cocker, Joe Jackson, Lew Solof, Manu Dibango, Morphine, Mory Kante, Nina Hagen, NoF-NoF, Ray Anderson, Ray Lema, Ray Mantilla, Salif Keita, Shemy Kuti, Slickaphonics, Taj Mahal, Thomas Mapfumo
Alpha Blondy, Aswad, Big Youth, Billy Ze Kick, Burning Spear, C 45, Cedric IM Brooks, C-lector Clad, Cristina Lubello, Culture, Dean Fraser, Dennis Bovell, Dennis Brown, Ernest Ranglin, Glen Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Half Pint, I JahMan, Jazz Jamaica, James Bond, Joseph Hill, Lee Scratch Perry, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Mad Lighters, Mad Professor, Massilia Sound System, Mikey Dread, Max Romeo, Misty In Roots, Oku Onuora, Pablo Moses, Princess Erika, Rico, Robbie Shakespeare, Skatalites, Steel Pulse, Super John, Tonton David, Wailers, Yellowman
African Head Charge
African Head Charge, BikiniTest, La Chaux de Fonds, 1994
Carla Bley
Alpha Blondy
Carla Bley
Alpha Blondy, Geneve 1992
C-lector C
C-lector C 1992
Aswad Montreux Jazz 1984
Big Youth
MC NoF-NoF Bagnols 2002
Big Youth 1991
Carol Freericks
Billy Ze Kick
Carol Fredericks, Sion 1994
Billy Ze Kick, Festival des potes, Fribourg 1994
Cheb Mami
Burning Spear
Cheb Mami, Festival des potes, Fribourg 1994
Burning Spear 1984
C 45
The Coconuts (Kid Creole)
C 45, Bimbo Town, Basel 1994
Doroty Mazuka
Cedric IM Brooks
Doroty 'Pata Pata' Mazuka, Case a chocs, Neuchatel
Cedric IM Brooks, Backstage session
Fela Kuti
Fela Kuti, Strasbourg 1984
Culture in session
Gil Scott-Heron
Dean Fraser
Gil Scott Heron, Kuppel, Biel 1991
Dean Fraser
Human Spirit
Dennis Brown
Human Spirit, Malik on flute
Dennis Brown, Winterthur 1984
Joe Bowie
Ernest Ranglin
Joe Bowie, La Spirale, Fribourg, 2002
Ernest Ranglin La Chaux de Fonds 1998
Joe Cocker
Glen Brown
Joe Cocker, Geneve 1979
Glen Brown, Geneve
Joe Jackson
Gregory Isaacs
Joe Jackson, Montreux Jazz Festival, july-12 1985
Gregory Isaacs, Geneve 1992
Manu Dibango
Half Pint
Manu Dibango
Half Pint, Biel 1994
I Jah Man
Morphine, Dana Colley, La Chaux de-Fonds 1993
I JahMan
Mory Kante
Jazz Jamaica
Mory Kante, Estavayer 1994
Jazz Jamaica, Bourges 1994
Nina Hagen
James Bond
Nina Hagen, Montreux Jazz Festival 1985
James Bond & Super John, Neuchatel 1986
NoF-NoF 1978
Lee Scratch Perry, Geneve 1997
Ray Anderson & Lew Soloff
Linton Kwesi Johnson & Dennis Bovell
Lew Soloff & Ray Anderson
Linton Kwesi Johnson & Dennis Bovell 1984
Ray Lema
Mad Lighters - Phil Santchi
Ray Lema 1984
Mad Lighters, Philippe Santschi 1986
Ray Mantilla
Mad Professor
Ray Mantilla
Mad Professor, Geneve 1992
Salif Keita
Massilia Sound System
Salif Keita, Frison, Fribourg
Massilia Sound System
Shemy Kuti
Max Romeo
Shemy Kuti 2002
Max Romeo, Bienne 2002
Mikey Dread
Slickaphonics feat. Ray Anderson, Montreux Jazz Festival 1995
Mikey Dread, Bienne 2002
Taj Mahal
Misty In Roots
Taj Mahal, Fri-Son 1991
Misty In Roots, Zurich 1986
Thomas Mapfumo
Oku Onuora
Thomas Mapfumo, Gurten 1985
Oku Onuora
Pablo Moses
Pablo Moses, Zug
Princess Erika & Tonton David
Princess Erika & Tonton David, Estavayer 1994
Rico & Mad Lighters
Rico & Cristina, Neuchatel 1993
Sly & Robbie
Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespear
Skatalites, Bimbo Town, Basel 1994
Steel Pulse
Steel Pulse, Geneve, 1984
Wailers - Alvin Seeco Paterson
Wailers, Seeco, Paleo 1994
Yellowman & Robbie Shakespeare
Yellowman, Robbie Shakespeare
all pictures copyright NoF-NoF 1979-2004 - you have no rights to link up or copy these pictures without permission by the owner - high resolution pictures available write