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2014 January

Changed host and fixed some little things, acualized the site for Der Transformer (new link

Some new events.

Die Site läuft jetzt unter neuer Flagge. Ansonsten nur ein paar Kleinigkeiten korrigiert und einen neuen Link zu Der Transformer realisiert.

Ein paar neue Events ergänzt.

2011 April Facebook

2009 May little updates kleine Anpassungen
2006 October new concept finished neues Konzept fertiggestellt
2006 August reopened website for

sind zurück auf dem Parkett - neue Site
2006 July working on new website concept arbeite an neuem Website Konzept
2006 March New website online Neue Website läuft
2006 February   neuer Gesamtauftritt für
2006 February

new event database

neue Datenbank für sämtliche Anlässe von/mit mir oder Der Transformer
2005 September   Review von neuen Veröffentlichungen
2005 August, 23   Radio Interview DRS3 (listen here)
2005 July Don Drummond
Don Drummond
History Links First concept for official website for The Ganglords & Reggae Fever Erstes Website Konzept für die offiziellen Websites von The Ganglords und Reggae Fever
1999 is online ist im Netz
get connected:
thanks to all visitors and these nice roots connections coming out of this site over the years. Let Jah be praised. Registered from all European countries, and so many countries all around the world such as Australia, Japan, China, Singapur, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Israel, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Libya, Venezuela, Equador, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, USA, Jamaica all around the planet. Every time I take a look to the statistics I know I have to keep on doing it. You know, it keep on growing. Best wishes always. Merci, thanks, danke. C

Note: This is the official website for The Roots Connection designed and concepted by C-lector C.

Roots Connection die Verbindung mit den Wurzeln
Roots Connection sometimes in English...but always around the world

The Roots Connection is not a company, but a network of people with love for music. Please contact me, if you like to work with The Roots Connection or if you're planning to work with The Roots Connection. The Roots is connected all over the world. There was a radio show in Ecuador under the Roots Connection label and others all over... e-mail and get connected:

Yours truly

Ras Claude