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RastafarI herbal garden


RastafarI herbal garden
Tom Huber
P.O. Box
St. James
W. I.

This is the website for RastafarI herbal garden in Retrieve, Jamaica. What a wonderful place. I only spent 3 weeks in this paradise. 3 weeks at my 33rd birthday. But as sure as the trees are growing, this garden is still the same paradise. Chantel & Tom always happy to welcome visitors. Better to get in touch with I & I by e-mail: first. I love to call 'em and check out, if a visit make sense. Because sometimes there is not enough water or too much water.

It also needs some instructions to find the place. If you ever been to Jamaica you know exactly what I mean, otherwise you can be sure, that it really needs instructions to find the way.

It is a pleasure to help out with tips and tricks - 'cause the living there is so different from Europe. I love Jamaica and the Jamaicans, that's why I would never support bad people to go to Jamaica.

What will you expect in the RastafarI herbal garden?

100% natural living
100% ital food
100% farmer work - hard work
100% no drugs - no alcohol - no junk - no electricity - no TV - no soundsystem - no road

If you want to go to Jamaica to smoke and dance - you're just one of all those who don't support Jamaica but bad business.

The Jamaicans need good food and healthy gardens. If you're too lacy to work - stay home go to your next dancehall near you. Out in the bush there are very nice dance events (where you're the only foreigner). If you have no fear to walk through the bush when it's dark - do it. It's more adventureous than anything I know. But to work in the RastafarI herbal garden makes you stronger and clean you up.

Near the RastafarI herbal garden there is the house of the Bush Doctor and the Rasta-Family. This family produces ital products such as Roots Wine, Rasta Tofu and Rasta medicine. In reasonings with Everton the bush doctor's eldest, I heard many of the original lyrical galores. And people such as Justin Hinds, Peter Tosh and others get there inspirations from the bush doctors voice.

Think about it. Don't hesitate to contact I - have a nice time.

C-lector C



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