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#52: The difference between Ska-Reggae

The people were listening to the R&B from New Orleans & Chicago. They were playing that steady R&B thing, but after a while them slow down the beat. Become Rock Steady. Like if somebody would play "Ghost Town". You listen to Ghost Town at normal speed - it's asylum but if you listen slower, it's more dangerous. The Reggae is just a slower form. The first style was Soca-Ska.

#53: Skinheads


England is a cold place, the people like the music fast. Specially the skinheads. Prancing if they not prancing they drying themselves. Big boot kicking tromp head. Because it's a cold climate - they like the fast beat. But in Jamaica is so hot - it slows down - it's a natural way of life. From the land in Jamaica you feel the heat.

Note: The riddim of the words make it hard to write it correctly.


The Skinheads now - them favourite music is Ska. If I go for instance to Berlin and I want to bring them dromping and I just play "DiDäDaDo DiDiDi...(listen to Al Capone)" them love that. If you slow down too much now you can see their faces -...enjoyed still but they don't reach - (Alain laughing) - they like that energy. The Skinheads they like that. Energy. And when Jamaican Band playing like Prince buster - they love that.

Note: The 2Tone aera was very important in Rico's life, because he brought many songs from his jamaican pen into this music (Soul of Africa, etc.).


C: Skinheads dem bad?


Well in the world you have good people and bad people who come amongst good people. They seek upon opportunity among the good people to be of bad. Because they had a lot of support. If you didn't have that support from the oneness - they wouldn't have been bad. But they in the crowd to be have bad because the crowd didn't tolerate them because they don't go same way. But if you go to certain gigs in London like if you go to Portsmouth or Plymouth and any of them coming to the gig and try to be have bad - the rest of them discipline them - run them out. You have Skinheads who are constructive - they don't want no trouble. They come fi enjoy themselves - and the ones who come for trouble - they we isk speckle - pickle. The troublemaker there are just a few - the good ones outnumbered the bad ones.


When you play at Cambridge University we were on stage with the Specials and they have a few racists in the college that were abusing certain members of the band and they drop off stage and they have a fight, yunno. And Jerry Drummers and Terry Hall for causing afraid - they heard the racists remarks in the crowd and they jump off the stage and start attacking those. So you have good people and a few bad ones, they just come in the crowd because they feel like they support it, but the majority of people they are not racists. The majority of Skinheads are not really racists. Just a likkle minority. Because the majority of Skinheads they just come to have fun, man.


C: "it has nothing to do with politics?"

No and sometime the musicians in my band - not these are with me now - but former musicians who were in my band they were almost scared of them - they used to say to me: Rico do you think they gonna make any trouble? Like we were in Berlin - and a friend of mine said, Rico I don't want to play tonight for I'm scared these guys look like they wanna make trouble, I say: No man, the looks frighten you but don't take it like that - we play music we calm them down. "They came because of the music?" Yeah, and we finished playing music - also in Berlin. I have never seen the people like these, when the gig is finished and place is closed. They sit outside on the floor, they are not going anywhere man. If we had a next place to take to come, them with us - they want the next dance. I've experienced these set who is the majority who loved it, it's just a little minority who cause the trouble,


because even in Jamaica the majority of people is good people. The ones who have been bad is just a minority. They're poor but they're honest & good.

#61: Church

Jamaica people are church going people. Unlike the skins music is their religion. True Alain? A: "Yes" What does the young English people have? They have music. They have nothing, because they don't have no more trust in the church anymore, so music is their life.


Alain: And the live in the same place as the Jamaican people.

That's right

Alain: "They live at the same place and music is for everyone."

Buzz who live in Switzerland now. He grew up in Brixton. He have no prodigies man. He play with Desmond Dekker & The Aces. That's his levity until the band break up now, musicians live in England is not a easy life so when the band break up you go drop unto a lot a evils, it's hard. You was playing regular, it was good - now it's no more.


So Bas was playing with Jamaicans a lot of most famous Jamaicans, he loved it. Maybe if they reform he'll be glad to go back, now. So predigis is a minority of people it's not the whole world. And following that I personally had in England is fast


coming from Madness Specials Bad Manners and now with Jools Holland Band, that's the people love them - they want to touch you. I feel the thing that people gives you is greater than money. I think that way I gives you health & strength. Makes you feel good.


C: "Still when you play now - you feel this"

Yeah people make you feel good on stage - they given it to you

C: "Two tone became fashion - over - Ska was away from records"


The Jamaican music was such a hard feel in England. Plenty people didn't want to belong to it. People used look down on it like it's not music. You understand? But then the world realised that this music is coming from the people who are sufferers, and it's natural, it helps the mind soul & body, listening to Reggae. Just like you listen to Jazz or just like listening to classic just like every music yunno. All music. All music have it's purpose


Trad. Cause in England you have music like heavy metal they are big as well - you have gospel - you have traditional jazz all of them have it's purpose. Cause even with Jools Holland Band you play jazz you play Reggae - you play Ska you play Rocksteady you play Trad. Music - personally Trad. Music to me was like a learning thing. We learned Trad in school. We learned classics and things - we learned Trad. Jazz. I think it very difficult, because you got to play to make it sound that way and this young trumpeter he plays a lot of it - Winston Marsalis.

#68: Marsalis

Sometime you listen to him he just play a lot of Trad. He likes Louis Armstrong, Pat Jones he want to even he's a modern player but he knows the history of the music.

C: He studied.

Yeah, so even in his speech - he speaks very intelligent, he knows music very well. And when he plays (lighter), you feel it man. He does a lot of interviews in Television Marsalis Winston.

C: You have met him personally?

His brother called me the other day - I was with Jools Holland in the country in Birmingham - and he called me, the brother, who plays trombone - and my wife tell him: I'm sorry that he's not here to talk to you cause it would be so good - and when she phoned - it was THE Marsalis, she was exited you know.


When I left the house and I'm in the country I always call the house for the children. I have children you know - speaks with her. She said: Rico, Marsalis just called yunno, I said oh that I'm sorry not to be there to speak with him - can you imagine: Marsalis is calling you on the telephone. It must be something good.


C: It is. There is a future plan?

I haven't heard from him since, but my wife told me that he want to speak to me the other day. I mean he's a busy man. He's maybe in Switzerland today, because they're very .......because they're very art musicians - the whole Family - they love music. He speaks about music as life. It comes from the father too - A musical Roots Family. To have heard he called my house I feel so good. I'm doin' very well if somebody like him want to do something with me. It's an occasion.


C: You have children that play music?


I have growing up children but they were all girls yunno. Because they are women I don't want to musical wise their mind, they are free to do what they want to do - do what they like to do everything that laboratory or medical thing they are free to do I didn't force music into them - but they like music still - the 4 girls they like music.


C: There is no Emmanuel JR. ?

Well I have....

still a lot to say, and if time a come - the forth part a come - soon come...

yours skacerly

Ras C