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Cover Galerie

the first Roots Connection CD
produced by The Roots Connection 1994
recorded in a studio near Stäfa
cover painting by Ras I - brother Roger

the Roots Connection Label

All following cover concepts & designs by Ras Klowasser, compiled and mixed by C-lector C, copyrights The Roots Connection - if you wanna use one of these concepts or covers just inform me - would be nice... hope this page inspires you a bit

NOTE: all this CD's & tapes are not for trade. Most of these CDs & tapes are personal editions for a friend. If you're looking for something special just write me:


Move to the groove
best of Skatalites

Peacestreet 1992-1995

rehearsals to studio productions of this reggae-ska-funk combo from lucerne (feat. 3 members of Der Transformer & C-lector C)

Move to the groove

Funky tunes for Reggae junkies. No matter how large your collection is: this compilation kick your ass off.

Cover painting by Regina

The Skatalites 60's recordings and live

great and rare recordings of the Jamaican super group

Music around Jah world

Come to the land of music. And take a trip around Jah world. Music that no radio can play. Sounds that no store can sell. Music I a tell.


a special compilation with Roots and Ska from 2000

C The Railektor - Arabic Classic

a special compilation with music from arabia - great classical music in arabic mood and arabic jazz

Cover painting by unknown artist (from a turkish tape)

Selecter C - I sa Bella B'n'Rock 1950

a special compilation of great and rare Rock'n'Roll and Rhythm'n'Blues

Reggae Fever - Sizzla & Bredren

special editon for the Reggae Fever store (

Bob Marley Compilation Part 1

a special compilation with the best of the brillant Complete Wailers Compilations

Der Transformer Live 2000

a Demo-CD for the lucerne dub band

Label I sa Bella

a special compilation with rare Rock'n'Roll and Rhythm'n'Blues

C The Selector select Miss Winey

a special compilation with rare Prince Buster music

Rap di Hop Vol 1 by DJ Black C

compilation of different Hip-Hop compilations 1999

Heptones by The Roots Connection 2001

just the best of the Heptones

Roots Family - Back From The Roots

compilation of rootsically and concious reggae 1999

Lloyd Brevett edition

special edition for Lloyd Brevett 2004 - music from Lloyd for Lloyd

This is just a little c-lection of all the covers I ever made...maybe next time you will find some more...
Dies ist nur eine kleine Auswahl aus all den Covers, die ich gemacht habe...vielleicht sind bei deinem nächsten Besuch noch weitere zu sehen...

special bastard mix Toure Kunda Original - a compilation specially made for the after the Toure Kunda show party Rocksteady - compilation of rare rocksteady music 1999 Vol 1 of 6 of a DJ compilation - specially made for the use as DJ 1996
1955 Birthday 1966 Birthday 1970 Birthday 1975 Birthday
a little birthday collection - all pictures shows the year - all tunes correspond with the year
Radio 3fach Rotation from 18 february 2001 (inside) Radio 3fach Rotation from 19 september 2000 Radio 3fach Rotation from 18 february 2001 (front) Happy Birthday to Rude music 2001

More various CD-Cover created by Ras Klowasser a.k.a. C-lector C

Melody Makers August 1999 Movie Tracks Peacestreet From Outer Space Label Reggae Compilation #23
Marley Compilation Vol III DVD - The Skatalites - Live Le Ned - Montreux 2004 The Roots Connection - World Music Dat Der Transformer - Testlabel Trans4mer - Joe Gibbs in Dub - 2001
C-lector C & The Roots & King Tubby 2005 C-lector C as Selecter Ras Abdallah Claude C-lector C as Clector Ras Claude The Roots Connection New Dimension Compilation


Tape - K7 - Covers painted by Ras Klowasser

x-mas tape Roots Connection 96
x-mas tape Studio One 96
x-mas tape world of Jamaican D.J.
x-mas tape 77 culture
x-mas tape 1996 Roots Connection x-mas tape 1996 Studio One x-mas tape 1996 World of Jamaican D.J. x-mas tape 1996 Two Sevens Culture
tape Grounation tape Burning Spear tape Café Parterre tape Jimi Hendrix 1994
Grounation - Count Ossie & MRR 1996 Burning Spear Foggy Road 1997 Café Parterre Disco 1996 (see) Roots Of Jimi Hendrix 67-92 - 1994

Reggae Power - Classic Reggae

origial release with classic reggae tunes

7 Cats Alive - Lee Perry
Lion Scratch Perry - Black Ark

Original release of the tape offered in my article in the music special

Peacestreet - The Last & Always 1992-95
rTc october 1997
world Ska in Skatown Connection
rTc july 1995 compiled by C-lector C as D.J. Clad
Survivor (cover only, never used for a tape!) painting by Ras Klowasser, inspired by the Rat from a Martin Gössi painting The Misty In Roots symbol is the backside of the Survivor painting
Ska Forever - Best of The Skatalites
compiled for René © rTc 1994
Undying Ska
compiled for René ca 1994
A Dub Conference
compiled for René ca 1994
27 Yoor Hiob Live
compiled 1994
Meet The Spear Burning      


Some labels

Bastard Vol 1 - 2004
Bastard Vol 2 - 2004
Bastard Vol 3 - 2004
Harmony Roots 2000
Funkiest Funk 7inch
Heptones best of
Christmas Musique du monde 1999
Radio 3 Fach Rotation best of 2004
Ska 2001
Ska 2000
Skatalites Live Ned Montreux 2004
Brother Birthday 2005
Der Transformer Live 2000
Brother Birthday 1999
Egon - Deutsche Schlager Parade
Rico Rodriguez Interview für Radio 3fach
Prince Buster - The Prophet
Prince Buster - Rare Singles
Arabic Classic
Reggae Fever - Sizzla & Bredren


If you wanna use one of my covers - please let me know - I also produce a personal cover for you - just write
Wenn dir ein Cover besonders gefällt - lass es mich bitte wissen - ich kann dir ein persönliches Cover erstellen - schreib doch einfach

If you have further information or comments, don't hesitate to inform I & I: e-mail:
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