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The year 2005: Recording session in January @ Schweinesound-Studio up in Sedel. Two hot riddims run the mixing and remixing labs...don't say comeback. Der Transformer is always around you. Watch out and you will find announcement for their next gig near you...Look out. Der Transformer keeps on dubbin'.

Der Transformer plays warm-up for Wyclef Jean in front of 8000 people in Zurich Hallenstadion. Wow.

Look at the pictures...© by Fabian Biasio (


The new year began with DER TRANSFORMER @ URs NAef's.

Mystic eyes set on this start in the year 2000!!! A new dimension of dub was created that night 3 times.

The hole programmm was played 3x.


C-lector C produces this brillant Demo-CD in 2000

Nonsi the man called Christ-oph Schnurr-en-berger arranged a scorcher collection of pure gold dub-wise pieces.

With Jah René on bass and Simon Gut on drums the big tree in Reggae for central switcherland fixed.

Together with Oli Zwimpfer the line-up fulfilled.

Music so sweet to rock u body an' u feet. Instrumental live style inna dancehall. For big and small for young and old. Mash up the sound - rib' it and do it one more time.

This is what the band say that night and mashed the potato three times.

In January the Radio 3 x sessions started with Ras Claude on the microphone and a special introduction of DER TRANSFORMER for their concert in WErchhof, Luzern end of same month. The legendary WErchhof show transformed Lucerne into the new millennium.

The band toured Lucerne in the following months for playing in almost every club of the town.

Stations like Jazzkantine, La Fourmi, SchUUr, Boa, Sedel.

In Zurich at Dynamo & Rote Fabrik.

Newpaper crowned them to the kings of dub instrumentals and give them the title:




The battle of bands in Jazzkantine brings out an artful flyer. 4 times in Schüür (foyer, main stage & garden) they warmed up for GANGLORDS and PATRICE to get hot.

Nonsi plays in both bands: DER TRANSFORMER and GANGLORDS. As former member of GANGLORDS he's called for great reggae jams all around.

Like in 1995 when PEACESTREET warmed up for THE TROJANS in Schüür.

Jah René & Simon Gut former members of PEACESTREET mash the town since 1992 in a heavy dose of Reggae and Ska Instrumentals.

Singers became a chance to join the band live and direct. Dats from Jamaica, Azou, Spoo, Marc da Silva and others joined the band - as well as former peacestreet tenor sax René Hort, flute Ras Claude, percussion Raoul da Silva.

What wonder, DER TRANSFORMER went to Zurich to warm up for THE TROJANS spring 2000.

And went to London fi show up at GAZ'S ROCKIN' BLUES that Thursday night in August.

Livicated to the queens of St. Moritz.

The year 2001 brought live activities with heroes such like LKJ & Dennis Bovell's Dub Band in Schuur in August. A new keyboard player joined the band in november.

The year 2002 brings live activities with heroes such as Lee Scratch Perry & Mad Professor. Dates in April (Stans) and June (Yverdon-les-bains).

This band transforms itself - so watch out for DER TRANSFORMER


by C-lector C


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