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Africa Mambata, Albert Collins, Ali Farka Toure, Angelique Kidjo, Arthur Blythe, Baritone Kuti, Cassandra Wilson, Cheihka Rimitti, Djamilla Lieniger, Django Edwards, Dr. John, Elisabeth Cotton, Emmanuel Joffet, Fela Kuti, Gil Scott Heron, Gilbert Hummel, Joe Cocker, MC Solaar, Monty Alexander, Pharoah Sanders, Rick Wakeman, Ritchie Havens, Rock Bottom, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Steve Swallow, Steve Turre, Taj Mahal, Tony Allen, Wally Badarou
Augustus Pablo, Big Youth,Billy Ze Kick, Black Uhuru, Burning Spear Hornsection, Bushman, Cedric IM Brooks, Chinna Smith, Culture, Doreen Shaffer, Ernest Ranglin, Freddie Mc Gregor, Garry Clail, Gregory Isaacs, Human Spirit, I JahMan, Johnny Clarke, Johnny Dizzy Moore, Joseph Hill, Junior Marvin, Lee Scratch Perry, Lester Sterling, Lloyd Brevett, Lloyd Knibb, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Lord Tanamo, Luciano, Macka B, Michael Rose, Mickey Tuff, Nambo Robinson, Oku Onuora, Pablo Moses Band, Patrice, Rico, Robbie Shakespeare, Rolando Alphonso, Seeco Patterson, Skatalites, Sly Dunbar, Steel Pulse, Tippa Irie, Tommy Mc Cook, U-Roy, Yellowman
Africa Bambaata
Augustus Pablo
Africa Bambaata Gurten 1993
Augustus Pablo 1989
Albert Collins
Big Youth
Albert Collins 1979
Big Youth
Angelique Kidjo
Burning Spear horn section
Angelique Kidjo Montreux 1994
Burning Spear Hornsection
Ali Farka Toure
Doreen Shaffer
Ali Farka Toure, Neuchatel 1991
Doreen Shaffer, Basel 1994
Cassandra Wilson
Ernest Ranglin
Cassandra Wilson Montreux Jazz Festival 1994
Ernest Ranglin 1997
Cheihka Rimitti
Freddie Mc Gregor
Cheihka Rimitti 1996
Freddie Mc Gregor 1997
Dr. John
Dr. John, Jazz-Parade, Fribourg
Johnnie Moore, Lloyd Brevett, Lester Sterling, Annemasse 2002
Elysabeth Cotton
Joseph Hill - Culture
Elysabeth Cotton, Geneve 1978
Joseph Hill
Emmanuel Joffet
Junior Marvin 1989
Fela Kuti
Lee Scratch Perry
Fela Kuti, Strasbourg 1984
Lee Scratch Perry
Gil Scott-Heron
Gil Scott Heron, Kuppel, Biel 1991
Linton Kwesi Johnson
Gilbert Hummel
Lloyd Knibb - Skatalites
Gilbert Hummel, 1991
Lloyd Knibb, Basel 1994
Joe Cocker
Joe Cocker, Woodstock Festival, Geneve 1979
Luciano 2004
MC Solaar
Macka B
MC Solaar 1994
Macka B + ?, September 1992
Monty Alexander
Nambo Robinson
Monty Alexander, Geneve 2003
Nambo Robinson, Fri-son 1993
Pharoah Sanders & Arthur Blythe
Oku Onuora
Pharoah Sanders & Arthur Blythe, Stufenbau 1993
Oku Onuora
Rick Wakeman
Rick Wakeman, Geneve Cointrin 1979
Patrice, Gurten 2003
Rico Rodriguez & Earl Chinna Smith
Richie Havens, Geneve Cointrin 1979
Rico Rodriguez & Earl Chinna Smith, Bienne 1989
Rock Bottom
Robbie Shakespear
Rock Bottom, La Case au Chocs, Neuchatel 1991
Robbie Shakespear 2003
Screamin Jay Hawkins
Alvin Seeco Paterson
Screamin Jay Hawkins
Alvin Seeco Paterson, Wailers, Paleo 1994
Carla Bley & Steve Swallow
Rolando Alphonso
Steve Swallow & Carla Bley, Basel 1984
Rolando Alphonso, Basel 1994
Steve Turre
Skatalites 1994
Steve Turre, Montreux Jazz Festival 1989
Skatalites, Basel 1994 (Will Clark, Lloyd Brevett, Bill Smith, Rolando Alphonso, Lloyd Knibb, Devon James, Doreen Shaffer, Nathan Breedlove, Tommy Mc Cook)
Taj Mahal & Ali Farka Toure
Sly Dunbar
Taj Mahal & Ali Farka Toure, Fribourg 1991
Sly Dunbar
Toni Allen
Steel Pulse - David Hindes
Tony Allen 2002
Steel Pulse, David Hindes, 1984
Wally Badarou
Steel Pulse - Grizzly
Timour Cadnas & Wally Badarou, Studio Bastille, Paris
Steel Pulse, Steve Grizzly Nesbitt, 1984
Tippa Irie
Tippa Irie 1992
Tommy Mc Cook
Tommy Mc Cook, Basel 1994
U-Roy, Geneve 1991
all pictures copyright NoF-NoF 1979-2004 - you have no rights to link up or copy these pictures without permission by the owner - high resolution pictures available write