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Welcome to the database for Don Drummond's music.

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The idea for this project comes from Alain Salvi who is expert in the jamaican trombone music. Reasoning countless times with Rico Rodriguez. Alain was also present at my interview with Rico Rodriguez (read the interview).
After realizing the picture database project for NoF-NoF (take a look) this is my second PHP-project. Hope yah like it. Detailed informations are always welcomed. I'm sure, there are faults in the datas. Don't wait - tell I & I (e-mail: )
For each record there is a picture, if there is none, please tell I & I - or if yah have, send it to (picture credits see below).
How to navigate: enter and choose a item in one of the drop down menus - click the bottom and yu come to step two, where yu can choose what's left after the first selection. Check it out and enjoy. Hope yah like it.
In this database yah find some symbols:
this one means: the tune includes a trombone solo (without the next symbol it is quite sure, that Don Drummond plays the solo) - without this symbol there is no trombone solo on the tune (and again, when there is no question-mark-symbol, Don Drummond is present on this tune)
this one means: it's not confirmed, that Don Drummond is present on this tune
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