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Sat, 28 February 1998

1st Skaggae Festival

Shame and Skandal Family

Quatre In Toulouse
C-lector C


Luzern  LU

Flyer designer: Ras Klowasser
manager & flutist & DJ
full house - dancers warmed up - Ras I played disco - Tobias (Bonaparte) brought special band called "Power Contacte" from BE

Roots Connection event:

skaggae festival
design by C
This is the original (the real flyer was made on sun-yellow paper)
A monster Event:
1. Roots Connection brother Roger on turntables (as Ras Snöggi)
2. Ska-Ta-Leicht with Marc da Silva (more about Ska-Ta-Leicht)
3. special dance performance by Daniela's airobic dance ensemble
4. Quatre In Toulouse (first time in Luzern; www.qit.ch)
5. Shame & Skandal Family (last live show, René Frey bass went to Jamaica after this show!)
6. C-lector Claude as Selector Ras C
7. Power Contacte (incl. T.J. Tobias Jundt from Berne and special session HipHopJazzer)
Quatre In Toulouse in Apero
Press Foto by Quatre In Toulouse   Daniela & The Connection DanceEnsemble
From The Peacestreet-Guestbook - by Katrin, Tobias Jundt TJ & Power Contacte, Quatre In Toulouse, Daniela & The Connection Dance Ensemble, Jackie Song
by S'Katrin - Lead Singer for The Shame & SKAndal Family by the Singer for Power Contacte by Daniela & The Connection Dance Ensemble
by Quatre In Toulouse by Tobias (Signorino TJ) by Jackie Song



Ska-Ta-Leicht: C-lector C - Marc da Silva - Nonsi - René - Hannes
Shame & SKAndal Family:
Hörtu - Katrin
Shame & SKAndal Family: Pädi - Katrin - René - Yves - Hörtu - Nonsi
Quatre In Toulouse:

Jackie Song:

Power Contact:
Signorino TJ - Tobias & Jackie Song
The DJs: C-lector C & Ras I as DJ Snöggi (SLA):
René & C-lector C & Michi & Role & Christoph
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