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C-lected group: Marc Da Silva
Result 4 event(s)
Sat, 29-January-2000 C-lector C is: light performer
Bunny Wailer
LuzernMarc Da Silva
LU   SchweizVarious
first offical live show by Der Transformer with a jam session and at least 6 rapper on stageFlyer designer: no name
Sat, 04-November-1995 C-lector C is: DJ & flutist
Live In Concert
Shame and Skandal Family
Jugendhaus AdligenswilC-lector C
AdligenswilMarc Da Silva
LU   Schweiz
Flyer designer: no name
Sat, 19-August-1995 C-lector C is: manager & flutist & DJ
Reggae Schwinget
Open Air AuC-lector C
AuRas I
ZH   SchweizMarc Da Silva
an all maximum Roots Connection event with PeacestreetFlyer designer: no name
Fri, 18-March-1994 C-lector C is: in de audience
Live In Concert
SedelMarc Da Silva
LU   Schweiz
feat. Sämi Hoffmann (Möped Läds), Marc da Silva (Peacestreet), Raoul da SilvaFlyer designer: no name
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