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Sat, 09-November-2002 C-lector C is: manager & flutist & DJ
A Night 4 Jamaica
Der Transformer
GalvanikZora lady singer
ZugDoppelganger singer known from Robinson
ZG   SchweizRichi Koechli famous Blues Guitarist
Benefiz for Toms RastafarI Herbal Garden in Jamaica...Rene organized this ... plus more special guests like Gössi, Sami and many moreFlyer designer: Yves Scherer
Mon, 00-September-1998 C-lector C is: manager & flutist & DJ
Shame and Skandal Family
WasserwerkC-lector C
BE   Schweiz
had a solo as flute-playing-DJ with RapFlyer designer: no name
Sat, 28-February-1998 C-lector C is: manager & flutist & DJ
1st Skaggae Festival
Shame and Skandal Family
SedelQuatre In Toulouse
LU   SchweizC-lector C
full house - dancers warmed up - Ras I played disco - Tobias (Bonaparte) brought special band called "Power Contacte" from BEFlyer designer: Ras Klowasser
Sat, 19-August-1995 C-lector C is: manager & flutist & DJ
Reggae Schwinget
Open Air AuC-lector C
AuRas I
ZH   SchweizMarc Da Silva
an all maximum Roots Connection event with PeacestreetFlyer designer: no name
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